iSee an Art Gallery

This afternoon a work colleague and I used iSee to engage in a collabrative session with educators from across Australia. It was an incredible experience and provided an opportunity to imagine future possibilities of virtualised classrooms and the benefits for twenty first century learners. I am privileged to be involved in the ground breaking educational opportunity. We are involved in developing a virtual art gallery for students to showcase their work to other students from across the nation.

I captured an image of the collabroative session. We discussed the virtualised classroom environment and how it provided features and capabilities suited to the creation of a virtual art gallery. The walls provide space for students to post work and navigate the perimeter to view shared work. Incredibly furniture can be arranged to create areas for discussion and tables can be arranged to provide structured conversation.

Within the session each attendant provided an image and posted it on the wall of the 'Dynamic Room'. The article that was shared was to be either a famous masterpiece or sample of work created by a student. Dialogue then centred on the simplicity of the process and how it would be advantageous in future events for students to share information about themselves and their art. It was noted that as well as attaching images to the wall as indicated in the image above that individuals are able to share Word Documents, PDFs and PowerPoint to accompany work. This will provide an enriching experience and an additional layer of complexity to improve collaboration, learning and appreciation of shared work.

Our plan is for Middle School and Senior School Art classes to experience the virtual environment and particpate in a similar exercise as we experienced. Time allowance for students to build familiarity with the service and understanding of key components is vital. To improve audio students will use headphones with inbuilt microphone. In regards to our own context, I have arranged for students to loan these from our library. Each headphone has an attached username and password to simplify administrative needs and logging into iSee. Providing software is installed and credentials are entered correctly students gain entry into the virtual world and will be able to view creative masterpieces. Gamification of Art is made possible with iSee.

During fourth term we shall provide time for students to upload material to an allocated 'Dynamic Room'. Students are required to turn their environment into a Virtual Art Gallery. Each student will be responsible for uploading an example of their artwork and include a document or PPT about their work and themselves as an artist. Once each school has had sufficient time to prepare their Art Gallery, students from the various colleges involved in the  project will have opportunity to browse the different galleries.

Smart Art!


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