Twitter Twit

Today I visited McDonalds Cafe to order a coffee. After having placed my order, I collected my beverage and a newspaper from the nearby bench. I found a comfortable seat and decided to connect my iPhone to the 'Free WiFi' that was available within the restaurant. I sipped my drink and opened Twitter.

The application opened to my account profile (@theworkpad). When I last checked my profile I had approximately 520 followers and today it seemed like more. I opened 'Followers' and saw that on the top of the list I was being followed by an inappropriate guest. I instantly realised that it wasn't a suitable connection due to the Twitter handle so I tapped the icon on the right. I had absent mindedly thought it would provide the options 'Report', 'Block' or 'Follow'. By error I had selected to follow the account as the other options were not available.

@theworkpad Twitter Profile

I failed to retap the icon to instantly 'Unfollow' and tapped the 'Me' icon on the base menu of my iPhone instead. I noticed that the total numbers of Followers and Followings had changed. I returned to 'Followers' and noticed I had attracted three new inappropriate followers. The immediacy of the new followers was evident that Twitterbots or Spam was in operation. I quickly tapped the icons that I previously tapped to 'Unfollow'. I blocked and reported the new 'Followers' that I had attracted by my error. As an added security measure I reset my password.

Twitter Password Reset

All this I completed while connected to McDonalds WiFi. I disconnected from their server and returned to 4G. I had responded quickly to the event, however, who knows the remification of the digital mistakes. I'd been a Twitter Twit for the second time in my life. The first time I had made a mistake was when I clicked a link in Direct Messages that was Spam and the text was forwarded to all of my contacts. This latest incident was a timely reminder to be careful when using Social Media and that we need to look at 'Followers' more regularly to monitor online connections. It is vitally important for undesirable connections to be blocked and for spam to be reported.

If you view Twitter Activity you see the recent activity of the people you follow. This information can assist networking and the establishment of new connections. In an era when online activity is said to be focused on the amounts of 'Likes' and 'Retweets' it must also be stated that 'Followings' and 'Followers' on Twitter are equally important. The audiences we attract are testimony of our professionalism and if unwanted guests are observing activity they should be ushered away. Allowing them to linger on the peripheral or accidentally inviting them momentarily into your office as I accidently had may influence connections and place your credability on report. Our connections should strengthen profile not jeopardise future relationships.


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