4 Steps to Revolutionise Handwriting Lessons using Camera, Pages & DropBox

I have been using DropBox within workflow techniques to engage students in the process of critical reflection. My goal is for students to achieve their personal best through analysing their work and making decisions about what elements could be improved. There were four basic steps to the self reflection exercise that I recently conducted during a Handwriting lesson.

I would encourage all teachers in Early Years to implement similar techniques to elevate quality in student work and promote self reflection. The lesson sequence I employed was as follows;

Step One

Distribute iPads among class groups as students complete cursive writing exercises. Within my context I have 27 students and have arranged tables in nine groups of three. I have nine iPads shared as a class set. Instruct students to complete entries and exits and sustain quiet work for ten minutes.

Step Two

After designated time, students capture an image of their work and add the photo to Pages. They reflect on their work and include a caption for their writing. Examples may include "My writing is neat because I stayed within the lines" or "My writing would be neater if I used a sharp pencil". As this is happening the students quietly complete cursive writing.

Step Three

After the document is created, students upload the file as PDF to the shared DropBox Folder. The student passes the iPad onto their neighbour to complete Step Two and Step Three until all members of the team have completed the self evaluation.

Step Four

Time is allocated for the class to read the personal reflections of their peers. The exercise reinforces elements of quality work samples and attributes of writing that require improvement. In small teams the class discuss the statements shared by the class by viewing items saved to DropBox.

The four steps were simple and transformed the mundane lesson into an exceptional learning  experience. Handwriting usually doesn't require technology and in this instance the traditional lesson was transformed into a dynamic collaborative activity for all class members.


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