7 iOS7 Settings that Improve Eye Health

According to the Apple Website, "Eye strain refers to the ocular fatigue, eye discomfort and headaches associated from intensive use of eyes". Commonly the glare emitted from screens can cause eye strain. Small text and poor colour contrast also contribute to eye strain. There are many ways to reduce eye strain when using iPad technology.

Environmental conditions can also improve visual standards. Quality light and ergonomics play an important role in eye health. As well climate control to reduce dryness of the eyes, physical changes can be made to device settings to reduce eye strain. Here in are seven adjustments that can be made to iPad Settings to protect eyes;

1. Reduce Screen Brightness

2. Invert Colours

3. Bolding Text

4. Reduce Transparency and Darken Colours

5. Reduce White Point

6. Increasing Text Size

7. Power Off

Research suggests that poor eye health is caused by "lack of time spent outside" and not related to the use of mobile technology. Regular exercise and healthy diet can improve eye health. Furthermore eye health is improved by taking breaks at least every twenty minutes to reduce screen time. So... it may be best to disconnect more often and enjoy the great outdoors.


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