Four Critical Conversations Before Child Connectivity

There are four critical conversations that every parent should have prior to their children connecting to the internet.

1. Connection

Before children connect with the internet to complete homework or interact with the virtual world through using social media to converse with friends, parents must make connections with their children. Expression of love and interest in their day is of upmost importance. Conversation about experiences and discoveries develop understanding of their world and strengthen relationship. Afternoon tea provides an excellent opportunity to engage in conversation.

2. Contract

Children should be reminded of contractional agreements. Reminding children of rules and expectations will redefine expectations and the parameters of online activity. Perhaps rules are outlined on a document attached to the fridge for easy reference.

3. Clarification

Children should clarify what they intend to do within their time of connectivity. Childen may need to identify a particular application they will be using or several activities they will be completing within their session of connectivity. Parents should be aware of intended workflow and hold children accountable.

4. Curfew

The last item that should be addressed is curfew. Timeframe must be set before connection commences and the curfew must be set after clarifying what work is needing to be completed. Reasonable time allocations will need to be provided for online activities. When time is complete it is imperative connectivity stops and negotiation is not made on behalf of the child. If additional time is required it may need to be subtracted from future sessions or work completed with parental assistance.

Connection, Contract, Clarification and Curfew are four critical conversation for parents to have with their children before connectivity.


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