Today's Creative DropBox Workflow

The SAMR Model provides four benchmarks of educational capability. As a professional educator I want to Redefine learning and I believe that I achieve this on a daily basis through using iPad technology and creative workflow techniques with my class. Innovative practice provides learning enrichment and promotes creativity among students. Through workflow techniques I enable students to produce quality work samples and share them beyond the classroom through 'flattening the classroom' itself.

This is how I achieved Today's Creative DropBox Workflow;

1. I sourced a video as a story stimulus from YouTube. I saved it as a MP4 and uploaded to DropBox for the students to access. I also downloaded it to the Camera Roll.

2. The students watched the short clip is small groups.

3. The students accessed the Task Sheet and completed the lesson objectives.

4. I edited their draft work and the students recorded their narrative using GarageBand.

5. The students provided their audio recording with a title.

6. They proceeded with sharing the file with DropBox by selecting 'Open In'.

 7. Students provide metadata for the media item.

8. Once the file is upload to DropBox the children listen to their recording.

9. I shared the links with parents on ClassDojo.

I believe that DropBox provides an excellent means for teachers to share content with their class. The cloud service also provides an excellent location for students to temporarily share content with peers and the broader community. Teachers must strive for redefinition of learning to push the boundaries of educational influence and I believe my workflow techniques exemplify ingenuity and educational brilliance.


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