Turn off iMessage in 10 Steps

Here are the simple steps to turning of iMessage on iPad.

Step One: Turn off the 'iMessage' toggle.

Step Two: Go to 'Settings' and select 'General'.

Step Three: Scroll down to 'Restrictions'. It should be 'Off'. If it's 'On' it has previously been enabled.

Step Four: Tap 'Enable Restrictions'.

Step Five: Enter Four-Digit Passcode and then 'Re-enter your Restriction Passcode'.

Step Six: Changes can now be made.

Step Seven: Scroll down to 'Accounts' and select.

Step Eight: The default is 'Allow Changes'.

Step Nine: Change to 'Don't Allow Changes'.

Step Ten: iMessage is now greyed and cannot be accessed.

This process takes less than one minute and will save many parents much grief. The process can also be applied to iPod and iPhone. It should be stated, however, that iMessage is an incredible tool that enables parents to communicate with their children and providing teachers are aware of educational techniques, iMessage can be used within a classroom for collaborating and sharing ideas, images and links to accelerate student participation and engagement in content matter.


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