Guided Access: iOS8 Power Tool for Parent & Teacher

Guided Access is an outstanding iPad feature that allows individuals to keep the iPad within a single application. It allows an individual to restrict which features are accessible.

iOS8 has improved Guided Access features and now allows time constraints to be applied. This feature provides parents with an incredible advantage. Enablement of alarms will inform parents of when the time restriction have expired. At this time sounding of an alarm parents enter their nominated passcode to disable Guided Access.

Take advantage of Guided Access and setting time limits. Here's how;

1. Access iPad 'Settings' and 'Accessibility'.

2. Locate 'Guided Access'.

3. Enable 'Guided Access' by sliding the toggle.

4. Once 'Guided Access' is enabled additional options will appear.

5. 'Set Guided Access Passcode'.

6. Select four digit password. For security reasons this must be entered twice.

7. Select the alarm to sound at the end of the session.

8. Return to Home Screen and select application to be "locked into".

9. Pages has been selected.

10. Triple-tap the Home Button. 'Guided Access' options will become available.

11. Locate 'Time Limit' and the 'Options' button.

12. Turn 'Time Limit' toggle on and select the time for the session. Select 'Start'.

13. The Pages application is now in operation and cannot be escaped.

14. Triple-tap to end session and enter password if necessary, otherwise the session continues.

15. 'Times Expired'. Enter the passcode is disable 'Guided Access'.

'Guided Access' also allows parents to identify which parts of an application are restricted by creating partitions. Within Safari parents can restrict browsing and limit children to websites that are only available with favourites. This is far more affective than creating Black and White Lists.

1. With 'Guided Access' enabled open Safari and triple-tap the Home Button.

2. With the index finger or stylus draw around the area requiring restriction.

3. The selected area will become grey. Select 'Start' to commence the session.

4. Safari is now in operation, however, access to all browsing features and bookmarks are restricted.

'Guided Access' is a powerful tool and its usefulness is underestimated. I have enabled 'Guided Access' on my iPad Class set. When a student is wanting to use Safari I can triple-tap the Home Button and their browsing is completely limited to the websites I have selected.


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