Lessons from Long Service Leave

On Wednesday 22nd October I commenced Long Service Leave. I am enjoying my rest and have already completed numerous jobs that have been needing my attention. I've been using Evernote for my 'To-Do List' to ensure I capitalise on the time that I have available. The holiday break has provided an education on many fronts. The lessons have been personally and professionally revealing. Stepping away from teaching and leadership has provided a breathe of fresh air and provided a new perspective several on educational demands.

Mobile technology provides regular access to email and this results in permanent connection to work. When I commenced my leave I removed email accounts from my mobile phone and iPad. This terminated my digital connection to work. One particular evening I used my laptop to send an email from my private account and discovered many unopened work emails. I calculated that in my absence I had received on average 23.5 emails each day. I would imagine many educators face similar circumstances and contend with a plethora of emails on a daily basis. This phenomenon places administrative demands on academic staff. Email can be managed through innovative communication techniques and personal conversation. Fortunately Long Service Leave has provided an escape from the daily grind.

I have encountered a second revelation during my Long Service Leave. Teachers work overtime! Holidays have not merely provided rest from work routines. Holidays have revealed the enormous degree to which academic staff work before and after school hours. Typically teachers work within the classroom for one or two hours before or after school. Usually there are several meetings during the week. Once teachers leave for home to complete normal home duties they continue for several hours on planning, marking and reporting. I calculate that on average teachers work 50 hours each week. I have gained more than just daylight hours for I have been blessed with the return of restful weekends and uninterrupted evenings.

Long Service Leave has provided an escape from email and the demands of work routines. I have been able to use my time to rediscover the wonder of being husband, father and friend.

Work, Rest, Play.


  1. Good on you, Adam! It sounds like your LSL is not only productive, but very well-deserved :)

  2. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm looking forward to many happy days and beautiful weather! Sand, sunshine, coffee and the simplicities of life.


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