Footloose and Free... not for me!

I have fear of deep water. The phobia originates from a near drowning experience as a young child.

I remember the day my father, sister and I capsized our canoe in the Macquarie River in central New South Wales. Swept along by rapids we swam frantically toward the bank. We held onto the riverbank and screamed for help. The rush of water around the willow trees kept pulling me under. The life jacket seemed useless in the fury of white water wash. I kicked frantically to keep my head above water and battled to breathe. Without my dad lifting me above the torrents of water at numerous times throughout the ordeal I would have drowned. Fortunately, we were travelling as part of a small convoy and they rescued us from our fate.

To this day my feet must be able to touch the ground when swimming. I hate the deep end of pools and this also stems to my swimming instructor throwing me in the pool as a toddler because I refused to swim. Together these experiences explain my fear.

We all have different fears. In the same way my life experiences have shaped thinking processes, fear of technology is understandable. Fear of technology is not caused by misconceptions. It's caused by not finding your feet.


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