Workflow Cheat or Copyright Hero?

You are not supposed to copy and paste images from the web and claim them as your own. You are suppose to reference all material.

Copying and pasting is technically plagiarism. It is cheating! 

I abide by copyright laws. All teachers should be doing the same and modelling referencing to students.

You aren't allowed to use images from the web and throw them into a PowerPoint without somehow referencing the source of the content. In order to abide by the rules we must ensure we introduce steps within our workflow to abide by the law. Otherwise you are a Workflow Cheat.

Search for 'Labeled for Reuse' (Creative Commons) in Google Images under Search Tools. I tend to use Haiku Deck in my workflow because the images are 'Free Share' and they are brilliant. I screen shot and upload them to DropBox and add them to my work.

There are various sites that provide free images and some for which you need to pay. Photo Pin is among the best and all images are freely available for reuse.

Stop cheating and become a Copyright Hero!


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