Be Water Wise with your Smartphone

I have found myself numerous times attached to technology and this habit can place the life of our children in jeopardy. When children are under parental supervision items of distraction must be controlled for proper duty of care to be provided.

Recent research has found home drownings in Australia account for 70% of deaths for children aged between 0-4. The statistics are in the rise and the trends are beginning to ring alarm bells. Various surveys have revealed that parents leave their children unattended in the bath and poor supervision has resulted in the death of 7,600 children between 0-19 in 2013. Amazingly another 8.3 million across the globe visited emergency departments for unintentional injuries. It is believed that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter may be making people happier, however, Social Media can be a distraction and may result in unintentional injury, permanent disability or even death.

When with children adequate care must be provided. Being an active listener. valuing play and being observant and interested allows relationships to flourish. Disengagement is corrosive and can have permanent repercussions.  

Be smart with your smartphone and Look Up and live.


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