The iPad Mini 2 is enough!

I once thought that the iPad Mini was a gimmick. The idea of a 'shrunken' iPad seemed pointless and I believed my 'normal' iPad serviced all my needs as an educator. Having worked with iPad technology for several years had reinforced my opinion of Apple technology as being second to none. The agile devices created by Apple address the needs of 21st Century learning and teaching.

With a change of job I was eager to ditch the black device. Like the closure of a once meaningful relationship and the ritual cutting of hair I desired to experience a refreshing change. I considered my options and compared devices. In my professional opinion, an iPad Air was a complete waste of money and from my understanding the iPad Mini 2 had almost exactly the same specifications. I decided to purchase a White iPad Mini 2.

Besides the screen size, there are minimal differences between iPad Air 2 ($619) and iPad Mini 2 ($349). The iPad Air 2 has two cosmetic enhancements; fully laminated display and anti-reflective coating which are not apparent when using an iPad cover. The iPad Mini 2 is approximately 1mm thicker than an iPad Air, however, significantly lighter. The differences are as stated previously minimal. The iPad Air 2 has an A8X Chip and the iPad Mini 2 has the A7 chip. The latest iPad Air captures 8 megapixel photos and has a slow motion video and burst feature. It is to be noted, however, that the iPad Mini 2 has more pixels per inch which means it's clearer than the iPad Air 2. In fact on all accounts the iPad Mini 2 has better features than iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad 2. According to some reports the "Air has more accurate colour reproduction with the Mini struggling with some hues", however, one barely notices the difference because the iPad Mini 2 due to its amazing pixel density.

All the Apps I have used on my iPad 4 work perfectly on the iPad Mini 2. In fact the applications are easier to use and navigation is simplified. The iPad Mini is perfect to hold and control. Keyboard Split works beautifully and the narrow side boarders improve ergonomics. I can sustain excellent workflow within all class demonstrations. My teaching and learning sequences are improved through use of an iPad Mini 2 when compared to the utilisation of an iPad 4. Although my new iPad has a slightly smaller screen compared to iPad 4 its performance is not be understated. I do not hold the device any closer and therefore the device is not producing expected neck or eye strain most people would suggest.

Within Primary School classrooms the iPad Mini 2 is more than enough to fulfill the demands of the typical classroom. The device is capable of meeting the demands of the Australian Curriculum. Furthermore as a consumption device, the iPad Mini 2 caters for the needs of most if not all educators. Teachers do not need to purchase an iPad Air when the iPad Mini 2 is capable of replicating workflow at significantly lower cost. While the latest iPad may have several attractive features, they provide little if any improvement to teaching and learning.

Simply... the iPad Mini 2 is enough! Schools making decisions regarding BYOD must seriously consider the financial benefits of the iPad Mini verse iPad Air. With taxation time looming and tax refunds a certain possibility the iPad Mini 2 is worthy of consideration.


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