YouTube to MP3 on iPad for iMovie

Importing music tracks from YouTube into iTunes is a simple process. Here's how;

1. Source the music track desired for listening from YouTube.
2. Extract the track from YouTube using YouTube to MP3.
3. Download the file to Documents.
4. Import to iTunes.
5. Sync Music Library with portable device.

I downloaded two new songs on my iPad within minutes. Remember; however, due to copyright law, permission from authors should be obtained before file extraction.

Music files synchronized with devices can be used within iMovie creations and shared on social media. My video sequences are often trimmed and only a portion of the sound file is used in 'mashups'. Sometimes the video files are then compressed and posted on Twitter for others to enjoy.

The workflow is simple and an easy way to add audio to media productions to develop unique presentations. Sound effects and various sound files can be extracted from YouTube to develop creative multimodal projects. 


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