4 ways to make lessons like iPad packaging

Apple technology is packaged cleanly, beautifully and simply. Opening my new iPad Mini was no fuss and an enjoyable encounter. Lessons need to be structured in the same way as iPad packaging.

Ultimately all educators want to improve classroom teaching and lessons. There are four lessons that we can draw from the way Apple package their technology:

1. Less is More

Have you ever noticed that iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices have simple and clean packaging? In the same way... lessons don't need fanfare. Information overload complicates the learning journey. Lessons should include only essential content and critical information. Keeping lessons uncluttered will assist comprehension and understanding.

2. Incentives and Rewards

Every Apple device comes with two Apple stickers. Although small it's a kind gesture and demonstrates appreciation and customer value. In the same manner teachers must include incentives and rewards for students. Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards provide motivation. Recognition for student engagement, performance and achievement transform behaviour and improve outcomes and results.

3. Minimalism and Resources

Apple devices come with minimal accessories and only the necessary resources. Nothing more. Lessons must be delivered the same way. Keep it simple and provide resources that assist learning, not those that act as stumbling blocks. Sometimes lessons can be like an Ikea flat pack and navigating content is complex and trialing. It may be best to eliminate roadblocks and use minimal resources.

4. Simply Instructions

Sometimes teachers talk too much. Long convoluted instructions are difficult to understand. Instruction manuals for Apple technology are basic. Teacher directions must be the same. Manuals often include websites that can be visited for additional information and details. Our teaching can be the same. Keep instructions clear and additional information should be accessible on LMS, web2tool like Padlet or chat channel like Edmodo.


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