15 simple ways an employer can demonstrate appreciation...

I recently changed schools and have discovered a phenomenal difference in culture. I am overwhelmed with the different ways my new place of employment expresses their appreciation of staff. I believe the College establishes positive atmosphere, teamwork and comradeship through valuing each staff member through utilisation of unique praise and recognition strategies.

Here are 15 simple ways an employer can demonstrate appreciation:

1. Friday Drinks
2. Provision of Learning Resources and Adequate Funding
3. Providing Flexible Furniture and Open Learning Spaces
4. Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee

5. Relevant and Meaningful Professional Development
6. Surprises and Presents
7. Reliable Technology, WiFi and Infrastructure
8. Classroom Visits by the Principal to Wish Students 'Happy Birthday'
9. Homely Staff Room Furniture
10. Lollies Bags as a Token of Appreciation
11. Lesson Observations and Feedback
12. Opportunity for Students to Provide Teacher's with Feedback
13. Simply saying 'Thank You'
14. Praise and Recognition
15. Keeping Staff in the Loop


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