Educators should forget the iPad Pro

I read a post recently about the need for educators to purchase the new iPad Pro. In all honesty, you don't need the latest releases because the devices that you have at your ready are fine. The smartphone that you carry in your pocket can access Class DoJoClass Craft, Mail and capture photos. The iPad Mini synchronises beautifully and hosts content in iDoceo and you can manage your sport teams perfectly with CoachBase. In addition OneNote works well across your existing agile technologies. The laptop on your desk manages the publication of required articles and displays PreziBlendspace, PDF files and lesson content handsomely. Across all of your decides Calendar, Reminders and all notifications seamlessly update. The iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface Pro won't make an once of difference to pedagogy. New devices provide fashion and pedagogy provides style. There's no need to update your devices. I have a sneaking suspicion that your tools of the trade already function heroically. I think it's time we learn to master the digital machines that we already have and begin to pay more attention to our classes while delivering content that is real and relevant. Forget the iPad Pro and simply become a Pro with what you already have at your disposal.


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