'Pretty Fly For a WiFi' & other HotSpot Names

Profile settings of smartphones, laptops and tablets can be adjusted to allow personal devices to have a unique name. Typically when they produce their own WiFi as a hotspot the device name is broadcast for all to see. This provides opportunity for creativity, humour and stroke of genius. Here are seven ideas;

1. Pretty Fly For a WiFi
2. Sci-Fi Wi-Fi
3. Police Scanner
4. "I now pronounce you man and wifi"
5. More than meets the WiFi
6. Give me a WiFive!
7. Virus Download

There are many ideas that are posted on the web. Explore your creativity and surprise neighbours when they see the names of available connections in their area. Probably the most original device name I have seen was 'Titanic'. Clever name. When it was connected it was always syncing (sinking).

The possibilities!


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