Apple Watch can assist the daily routines of teaching life.

I was an Apple Watch skeptic and believed it to be gadgetry. I also didn't want to make the hefty financial commitment; however, thought a FitBit may provide a cost effective option of testing wearable technology. Using Frequent Flyer points I was able to purchase a Fit Bit without actually making any financial sacrifice.

Fit Bit tracked my health and provided interesting feedback on personal accomplishments. It was connected to my iPhone and alerted me when calls were being received. I was reasonably satisfied. The product felt slightly uncomfortable when sleeping; however, the display was always easy on the eye and always provided the time with a simple movement of the wrist. Unfortunately the band broke within six months. After making contact with Fit Bit they sent me a replacement. Several months later the new silicon band broke yet again.

Apple Watch intrigued me from the moment it was launched. After two Fit Bit failings, I decided to take the plunge and purchase an Apple Watch. I have since discovered that there is simply no comparison. The device is spectacular, extraordinary and a perfect addition to my teaching arsenal.

Deciding which model and colour was a difficult choice. I was persuaded by what people may believe to be best yet was convicted by what I knew to be the right decision. While the large screen (42mm) seems like the ideal choice, it looked a little large on my wrist and I appreciated the simplicity of the 38mm retina display. I wanted a stylish band and therefore selected Nylon. Stainless Steal may be more durable yet I selected aluminum. The device is lightweight and stylish.

I quickly learnt that Apple Watch can assist the daily routines of teaching life. I have a habit of not being able to recall where I left my smartphone in the classroom and regularly misplace whiteboard markers. The convenience of wearable technology has been a revolutionized my thinking. Access to important information is unforgettable.

As well as using the customized clock face that includes stopwatch and timer to manage lessons the Calendar App that is synchronized with Outlook enables me to track lesson sequence and view lesson notes. Furthermore I have been able to track my exercise and daily movement and have discovered that on average I stand 14 hours each day. In addition I have used Siri at numerous times throughout the day to find definitions and calculate answers to mathematical equations. I have also installed Do Note on my Apple Watch and it has enabled my to use dictation to create and add content to a Google Document and also add lesson observations to a Google Spreadsheet. This is useful for lesson observation and gathering data as evidence of student achievement. I can also speak to my watch to add an item to the list on my iOS Reminders. An added benefit of using my Apple Watch has been the ability for Evernote to track contributions that I have made at the convenience of a simple glance and also the ability to speak notes directly into the App. Undoubtedly Apple Watch will improve my teaching and related administration as I become increasingly acquainted with the new technology.


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