Quit Coding. Teach dance instead.

I've decided to give up coding with kids. I no longer want to coordinate Hour of Code and MakerSpaces. I now want to become a dance instructor. More precisely I want to work alongside teachers and with their partnership teach others how to dance. I could pursue many interests and passions; however, I've decided to undertake this radical new approach.

This year I will begin to teach dance!


I no longer shall be performing my own routines. I'm going to work collaboratively with teachers and together we shall become dance instructors. I'll take the lead and with my partner we shall walk students through each step in relation to understanding technology, binary, coding, decision trees, programming and more. Together we will learn new moves and develop new routines.

Our programs will be enhanced through varying tools and technologies. Resources include BeeBotsOzobots  Sphero Robots  Lego 3 in 1 Kits, Mindstorm EV3 Units, Makey MakeyLittleBits, 3D Printers and more. I have included many resources with the curriculum framework. C2C materials available through Scootle provided a foundation for unit development and from here I branched out to find additional material to broaden the educational opportunities to be provided. In result we have a rich Digital Technologies program for P-6 students.

In November of 2016, I applied for a grant totalling $26,000 and shall find our in February if I have been successful. Within my application I addressed the need for teaching staff to undertake private lessons through completion of MOOC in Digital Technologies. To support content I also requested Phantom Drones and 3D Printers.

In the process of writing our Digital Technologies framework I joined Teachers Pay Teachers. I have since shared numerous resources that will support curriculum investigations. I'm pleased to report that many of my materials are selling on the network. I was also able to obtain a range of ideas through Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Gathering ideas from different places is likened to conducting research and learning the different moves that enable one to choreograph their own performances.

I'm now ready to dance.
Let's get ready to Rock 'n' Roll.
1, 2, 3 and 4.


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