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Teach like a Barber

“What can I do for you today?”, he often asks. In response I state my preferred hair style.
Immediately the barber commences his work; combing, cutting, trimming, shaving and brushing. During the course of activity conversation takes place. While the apron catches shed growth, I observe other customers waiting on benches or sitting in allocated chairs receiving their haircut. Approximately fifteen minutes passes and at completion a mirror is presented. It’s monivoured to reflect the hairdressers work on all sides.

Satisfied I stand and make payment before going on my merry way.
This is usually how the entire routine plays. Only on this particular day, my son was having his hair cut. For the first time, I realised that educators can learn a lot from the process of hairdressing.

Preferred Style
Firstly, within the context of a barber store, customers will arrive with varying needs and preferred styles. In like manner the students of our classroom will have different learning styles and needs…

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